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The objective of this section is to expose the created utilities that give the developers the integration with the platform, as well as created sample applications that consume the resources and can be the base for the construction of new applications.

Mobile application (showcase)

Using the base level microservices and from the creation of the top-level microservice PlayTour, a mobile application was created for the management of tours by the different resources that the platform reflects, the development of this application was marked by the following characteristics:

Characteristic Value
Programming language Javascript
Framework React Native @ 0.59.1
UI Framework Native Base @ 2.12.1
Goal platform Android
Main libraries
react-navigation Navigation operations
react-native-maps Maps and POIs visualization
moment Date
react-native-local-storage Local storage operations

The development environment of the app also requires NodeJS, NPM, OpenJDK / OracleJDK 8+, Gradle, Android SDK.

Main functionalities:

  • Register as a client on the platform.
  • Log in.
  • Register a tour (if you own the tour guide role).
  • Join an available tour.
  • Unsubscribe from a tour that was previously joined.
  • Display resource information.
  • Visualize the tour carried out on a map.
  • Register an evaluation status associated with a resource.
  • Visualize the routes between points of the itinerary.
  • View other sites and places registered near the itinerary.
  • Logout.

The mobile application works with the microservices through the Zuul API Gateway, using this as the only access point to the system.

Angular web application (showcase)

     *pending for Yasiel...


For an easy management of the platform and interaction with the APIs, the following libraries or SDKs have been created to facilitate interaction. The following table shows the names, languages from which it can be used and download link.

Name Language / Platform Download
arawak-python-sdk Python put your link here
arawak-java-sdk Java / Android put your link here
arawak-php-sdk PHP put your link here
arawak-netcore-sdk C#, NetCore put your link here

All SDKs have an internal folder /doc with the necessary documentation to be used.