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The main objective of the Arawak platform is to provide a group of computer systems based on a microservices architecture that allows the management of the tourism sector in the Caribbean region. It is based on the principle of Open Data and it is focused on to the empowerment of communities.

What elements of the tourism business can be managed?

The platform allows to manage any kind of resources, calendars and reservations associated with a resource. Users can issue ratings (0-5 points) and states (for example: Like, Recommend, etc.) about the resources and manage a claim on a resource. It also offers a location and georeferencing service applicable to resources. Is possible to access information about resources available in Google Maps by their identifier and searching for them. There is a useful service for developers that enables the sending of emails easily.

  1. Business components
    1. Entities and resources
    2. Location and georeferencing
    3. Calendar and reservations
    4. Claims
    5. Evaluations and states
    6. Media management
  2. Communication components
    1. Email

How to use the APIs provided by the platform?

Arawak platform provides a group of APIs REST for developers that allow access to microservices from a single point or API Gateway.

To access you must visit the domain

All APIs are documented using the OpenAPI standard with Swagger technology. By using the Swagger is provided a sandbox that allows you to test the APIs. Additionally, you can use REST client tools such as Insomia, Postman or others. Accessing to microservices requires a developer token.

How to get a token?

For creating a developer token, access this website (link to the website to create tokens).

What resources do I have as a developer?

For developers there are libraries or SDK available for different languages, such as Python, Java / Android, PHP, and .Net Core. There are also samples of applications developed with Angular (web) and React Native (Mobile).