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The Caribbean region receives hundreds of tourists each year who come in search of the culture, beaches, places and traditions of each of the countries in the area. Efforts to promote all existing attractions are isolated from each other, which means that tourists and visitors do not have a single gateway to the Caribbean region that allows them to manage their trips through the spaces available in each of the countries. On the other hand, communities are the basic nucleus of cultures, traditions, leisure sites, etc; they do not have their own platform that allows them to promote and disseminate spaces of interest.

Origins of the name Arawak


Arawak project

Arawak project offers a minimum viable product (MVP) that allows to enhance a platform for the management of the tourism sector in the Caribbean region, offering minimal management features and providing tools for developers and innovators to use the open data to implement new support systems for this important sector.

Principles of development

  • Supported in open source technologies: The development of the system is fully supported in open source technologies. The technologies used are Java programming language, the SpringBoot / Spring Cloud / Netflix OSS development framework, the MySQL database managers and ElasticSearch, Apache Kafka messaging technology and PictShare is used to manage multimedia files.

  • Apply the principle of open data: System data will be available in different formats to be used by different users, while existing datasets in the Caribbean Open Data platform (link to caribbean open data) are the initial data base of the system.

  • Empowering communities: The development of the system must be guided by the concept of empowering communities and promoting tourism in this sector.